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The Simon Kenton Pathfinders is a charitable, non-profit (501 (c) 3) community organization formed in Summer of 1997 for the purposes of developing a multi-use trail in Champaign County of Ohio. The trail provides long term economic benefits, protects natural resources, provides a safe alternate transportation route, enhances the wellness and quality of life for Champaign County residents.

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Thursday, May 7, 2015, , 7:00 pm

at the Depot

644 Miami St. Urbana, OH 43078



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A Review of SKP History

July 1997 – Simon Kenton Pathfinders founded with 17 members to develop a shared-use trail in Champaign County. (Now 200+ members.)

April 20, 1999 – Awarded $272,397 Transportation Enhancement Activity grant, in partnership with Champaign County commissioners, to construct Phase 1 of the Simon Kenton Trail (SKT) with 20% local match.

July 18, 2000 – Land for trail purchased with funds raised by SKP transferred from West Central Ohio Port Authority to the county commissioners.

July 1, 2001 – First section of the SKT is opened.

October 4, 2002 – Received $450,000 for Phase 2, in first year of Clean Ohio Trail Fund grant program. SKP raised the 25% match to extend the trail from Woodburn to County Line Road.

July 2003 – SKP purchased the old Pennsylvania Railroad Station, 644 Miami St., to restore and update the building for trail users and the community.

September 27, 2003 – Phase 2 completed as a partnership led by the Champaign County commissioners and including the Clark County commissioners, National Trails Park and Recreation District, City of Springfield, West Central Ohio Port Authority and Clark County Transportation Coordinating Committee.

October 17, 2004 – Completed 6.5 mile-section of SKP in City of Urbana with $1.1 million in federal funds plus a $250,000 ODNR grant.

March 2005 – SKP sold the building to the City of Urbana so it could qualify for funds for renovation. The City received $544,000 from the Ohio Department of Transportation for restoration, repair, new restrooms, landscaping, sidewalks and street lights.

Fall 2006 – Representatives of West Liberty and Bellefontaine met to join SKP and pursue connection of the trail to Logan County.

December 2006 – The City leased the depot to SKP.

April 15, 2007 – Depot opened to the public as a rest area, and SKP leased space to the Depot Coffeehouse.

July 2007 – SKP installed bike lockers at the depot on Miami Street. Available for one-year lease.

November 2007 – Began planning Phase 1 of the Urbana- Bellefontaine Connector of the SKT (1.25 miles from the Urbana Depot to near Grimes Field airport), collaborating with the City of Urbana.

Fall 2011 – Entered partnership with the City of Bellefontaine to apply for a Clean Ohio Trail Fund grant from the ODNR to fund Phase 2 of the Bellefontaine Connector, the largest section of trail to be developed in SKP’s history: 16.8 miles.

June 2012 – Phase 1 of Bellefontaine Connector completed.

December 2012 -- Awarded $500,000 Clean Ohio Trail Fund grant with 25% local match ($300,000) for Phase 2 connector construction.

2014 – Opening of trail extension to Bellefontaine.



The Weather in Urbana, Ohio

Citizens throughout Logan and Champaign counties urged the Simon Kenton Pathfinders over two years ago to initiate efforts to extend the multi-use trail from Urbana north 16 miles to connect the communities of Urbana, West Liberty and Bellefontaine. As a result of those efforts, the City of Bellefontaine and Pathfinders filed an application for a $500,000 grant from the Clean Ohio Trail Fund with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. That grant was given final approval by the State Controlling Board at its January 14th meeting. Others who want to contribute may send their donation to the Simon Kenton Pathfinders, P. O. Box 91, Urbana, OH 43078.

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Join The Pack to make the SKT Urbana-Bellefontaine connector a Reality

Levels of Support:

Lead Pack: $50,000+

Breakaway: $10,000-$49,000

Paceline: $1,000- $9,999

Peloton: $100 - $999

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Family enjoying the trail on July 4, 2014:




The success of the trail is dependent on all of our supporters.

Thank you very much!!


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View Businesses along the Trail:

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We Are Volunteers!

Simon Kenton PathfindersThe Pathfinders (SKP) are a total volunteer organization.
All funds raised by the SKP are used for the expenses of trail maintenance and to create an endowment fund for trail maintenance.
All maintenance on the trail is done by volunteers within the organization.


We Are Now At the Top!

Carmen erects new sign to Bellefontaine

The 18-mile Urbana-Bellefontaine trail extension project is complete. The packed crushed limestone trail, from Urbana through West Liberty and on to Bellefontaine, was completed in 2014.




LeVan Excavating and Rotor Blades Airborne Vegetation Management clearing the path by helicopter 7/28/2014

Examining the rotor blades on the helicopter

Signing Contract Papers to proceed with Trail Work : City Engineer: Tim Notestine, Safety Service Director: Jim Holycross, LeVan Excavating: Jeremy LeVan


New! Fix-It Station

Donated by: Barrie Bentley

A new Fix-It station, with a bicycle repair stand and air compressor, has been installed at the Depot thanks to Barrie Bentley.


Pennies for the Path

Area schoolchildren again raised money for trail extension through Pennies for the Path. Mrs. Williams 2nd grade class at South Elementary raised the most pennies – 13,941 – earning a special visit by Buckeyeman, and a pizza party.

Winning School Secretary, January Shaner, Buckeyeman, Principal Linda Locke


(Click on teacher names below to view class photo )

EAST Class Winners: Mr. Mackey and Mrs. Keep

NORTH Elementary Winning Classes: Mrs. Anders and Mr. Pack










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